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International Institutional Hosting

The Healing through Creativity Workshops are appropriate for the professional development of staff in educational institutions, companies, communities, corporations, military installations, medical and mental health facilities, children's museums and fine arts museums. Previous workshops have been held in the USA, Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria. 
Workshops are flexible and may be arranged for one day, two days or portions of several days in a row. Workshops have been presented for as few as 15 participants up to 70 participants.
Here are some examples of workshop topics:
  • Healing Children through Creativity Workshop (2-day workshop)
  • Healing Trauma through Creativity (2-day workshop)
  • Healing Caregivers through Creativity Workshop (1-day workshop)
  • Healing Children of Alcoholics and Addicts through Creativity
  • 12-step Art Therapy with Adolescents and/or  Adults
  • Healing Children of Divorce through Creativity
  • Healing Grief and Loss through Creativity
  • Workshops are always conducted in English. International hosts arrange their own interpreters.

Workshop Considerations

In order to accommodate a Healing through Creativity Workshop the Host Facility provides:

  • Space in a studio, activity room or conference room with seating at tables for participants. 
  • A nearby source of water, ideally a sink in the room. 
  • Space appropriate for the use of stoneware clay, tempera water-based paint, charcoal and chalk pastels.
  • A staff member liaison from the hosting facility should be available during the workshop hours. 

 Letter of Inquiry: Please include your target audience, estimated number of participants, topic preference and possible dates. 

Reservations and scheduling for a workshop usually requires a minimum of 3 months lead time.

Contact info@paintedchild.com to request a cost-free complimentary workshop proposal. 

Healing Children through Creativity Workshop
Olds, Alberta Canada






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